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Lets agree that a brand is the sum total of everything you do. How you influence that is by knowing your brand position and attributes and applying them consistently across all aspects of the business including Performance Marketing. Brand marketing, like the kind you see Nike do on a regular basis, exists purely to bolster the brand. It is not typically held to account for KPIs like Performance Marketing is. It doesn’t have to convert or drive traffic per se. But here’s the thing, unless you have high brand recognition with your target audience(s), it is a waste of time and money.

If your Brand recognition is below, say, 60% stick to performance marketing that is flavoured by brand. Startups, who surely don’t have anywhere near that level of brand recognition, should probably not be doing any pure brand marketing. At all.

Is it really Brand vs. Performance Marketing?

Consulting for startups and established companies there seems to be a common thread that has emerged. One in which company leadership thinks in terms of brand marketing vs. performance marketing. And to be sure, they each have their value. Brand marketing helps build the brand for the long-term whereas Performance Marketing is often viewed as mostly concerned with growing the company. The problem is that what often occurs is that brand gets conflated with brand marketing.

By knowing your brand position, your brand attributes, and how to translate that position into messaging and imagery that resonates with your target audience, you’re able to create performance marketing that helps reinforce the brand.



Our process


Core competence

Brand Positioning

It’s much more efficient to focus on highlighting your brand’s core strengths than to try to be everything to everyone. Your brand positioning strategy will help you carve out your own segment in the market as you consistently deliver on your brand promise.

Design and Content

Based one your brand positioning we carefully translate it into powerful design and content. It needs to enchants to your clients and work as a powerful team for your sales team.

Performance Marketing

Targeting the right person at the right place and the right time creates revenue. Doing it with well drafted brand content will create lasting value your company on top. Incorporating stronger insights and data into the creative process will ensure that your brand expands more deeply into digital channels.

Events & Public Relations

Eventdesign, Datenbank- managment, DJ Booking, Location-scouting, Eventdramaturgie, Videomapping Installationen und mediale Berichterstattung. Bei BANG! kommt alles aus einer Hand.